Automated‎ ‎ Tile Claiming

Why choose HD Assist?


Claim your daily tiles automatically, hassle free.


Take full effect of the daily tile system and claim your free money everyday!

Fair pay

Only pay the amount respectable to your level's earning potential.

Self service

Easy to use self service discord bot ready to answer to your requests!


No account information is stored on our servers

Customer support

1-on-1 support with fast responses whenever help is needed.

Level Based Pricing

HypeDrop Assist

Level 0-59



Per month

Automated tile claimer
Consistently claim your tiles
Self service discord bot
1-on-1 Customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

After you purchase HypeDrop Assist you will have access to our discord bot where you set it up once and it will start claiming all your tiles for you!

Can I get banned for using HypeDrop Assist?

No, it has been tested by multiple people over a longer period of time and there have been no reports of accounts getting banned at all.

Will you have access to my account?

Your login credentials will not be stored by us, only your session cookie. This cookie can be used to perform actions on your account like claiming your tiles or getting account information. However if you set up 2 factor verification it's not possible to withdraw any balance if that's your concern.